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Aug 1

OMGosh. I didn't know you had a tumblr AND was following me. Since when?! Asdfjk; sigh. But hi :)

LOL harro ^^

Amid all the Harry Potter posts, I’ll join in the fun

Amid all the Harry Potter posts, I’ll join in the fun

It ain’t over ‘till it’s over

It ain’t over ‘till it’s over

Playtime is over

You’re a big boy now. No more acting like things didn’t happen. No more relying on luck and hoping for the best. All results are on you. You decide if you succeed or fail. It’s make it or break it time, do or die. Don’t disappoint. 

Sorry, Link. One day…

Sorry, Link. One day…

Jun 6

Ronald Jenkees - Throwing Fire

I’m kind of envious at how he has so much fun doing what he loves. That’s a lesson to everyone out there. Make sure there’s at least one thing you absolutely love doing and do the shit out of it. Ok that was phrased poorly.

Jun 6


I like how our floor lounge was quiet. I didn’t like how it was only quiet for about 2 hours. Once it hit 11:30, people came in and started talking loudly. To each their own I suppose. They’re lucky they don’t have finals to study for. Or they’re just lazy. My room is a dead spot for internet (or maybe it’s just my specific corner). Makes taking an online review quiz especially hard. 

Jun 4

hi hiii! is this wayne ho by any chance? temple city for sure. kirby? i'm thinking it's wayne. if not, please don't take offense! hi again and thanks for following me :D

Hahahaha yea it is ^^

Jun 1

In case of…

Someone asked me today what I do when I feel sad. I wish I had the artistic capability to draw. And I wish I had to artistic tolerance to call what I do draw to be “art.” What I do is I go for a walk. The later at night, the better. The quieter. The more it calms me. If I’m sad, I like my solitude. If its way too late for that, I write. But you guys ain’t finding that blog. Unless you’re lucky. Or unless I’m just stupid and made it too easy to find.